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Tel Aviva – Meron 3 Tel Aviv

הבניין המעוצב ברחוב מירון 3 מציע 23 יחידות דיור ברמת גימור גבוהה במיוחד. הבניין והדירות ייבנו לפי מפרט מתקדם ומפנק, המציע איכות חיים ללא פשרות בסביבה האורבנית והמתפתחת של דרום תל אביב.

My Horowitz – Petach Tikva “Em HaMoshavot”

This luxury, first-class project is designed with a solid and understated style, especially suitable for families. The detailed design of these unique apartments has taken every possible comfort of the residents’ daily life into account, making the new residential project in Em HaMoshavot every family's dream.

Migdal HaMoshava

This magnificent building has 23 floors that contain 124 residential units. The building is located at the corner of Rehavam Ze'evi and Rishon Lezion Streets (Em HaMoshavot). An architectural gem, the tower is located in the area’s most highly sought-after neighborhood. Its spacious apartments have a sophisticated design, with each hosting a breathtaking view from the balcony.

Horowitz Neve Gan – Ramat Hasharon

This boutique building in Ramat Hasharon is located in Neve Gan, considered one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Israel, next door to northern Tel Aviv’s Tel Baruch neighborhood. The project is currently in the advanced planning stages, towards receiving its building permit.

Horowitz MoMA – Herzliya

Unique on the Israeli real estate landscape, this project includes a residential complex of three buildings, created with a modern and innovative design and erected at the best location in Herzliya’s newest neighborhood (on the border of Ramat Hasharon). The project’s 72 spacious and inspiring apartments embody the values of art, culture and creativity, with their styles influenced by modern and trendy New York in general and the city’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in particular.

Horowitz City Towers – Petach Tiqva

This project includes two residential towers of 23 stories each, with 123 units in total, each with 3-6 rooms. Construction will begin after the permit has been obtained. Located in Petach Tiqva, on 7-9 Gutman Street, a location with convenient access to transportation, the towers will include a gym, pool, party room and various facilities. The two towers are the highest in the region, providing residents with a breathtaking view from the very first floor.

“Horowitz Marc Chagall – “Hagush Hagadol

An exclusive boutique building, the Marc Chagall is on the beachfront on Chagall Street, (Hagush Hagadol) Tel Aviv. Now at the beginning of its construction, the six-floor building will include 22 residential units.

Horowitz Chen HaMoshava – Petach Tiqva

A luxury residential tower, the Chen HaMoshava tower contains 82 units on 22 floors, and is located on 18 Yael Rom Street, in a neighborhood of Petach Tikva.

Horowitz Glil Yam

This high-quality residential project in the new and sought after Glil Yam neighborhood of Herzliya, is located close to the park, the Seven Stars Mall and the Sportech. The project is under construction and includes two exclusive buildings designed by the architect Ilan Pivko.

Horowitz BaMashtela – Nof Tzahala, Tel Aviv

Project Nof Tzahala in northern Tel Aviv is in the Mashtela neighborhood, one of the most sought-after areas in Israel. The renowned Ilan Pivko is the project’s architect. This unusual project consists of 29 units in total, including 17 apartments in a luxury residential building and an additional 12 three-story cottages, each with a ground floor, second floor, basement and adjacent garden.

Horowitz BaMoshava – Petach Tiqva

This tower of extraordinary design, by the architect Ilan Pivko, will be erected in the heart of the Em Hamoshavot neighborhood in Petach Tiqva. Residents will enjoy a unique living environment, with apartments that contain 5-6 spacious rooms, unique garden apartments, penthouses with open views and the best location in the neighborhood.

Horowitz – CK Tower – “Hagush Hagadol” Tel Aviv

Horowitz has established the luxury residential CK TOWER on Amir Gilboa Street, on the corner of Yishai Hefetz, in the Hagush Hagadol neighborhood, a quiet, luxury and high-quality area of Tel Aviv. This boutique tower with its exclusive design rises to 11 stories and contains 31 units, with spectacular views of the sea from every apartment. Every apartment is a mini-penthouse with a 20-30 square meter sun balcony. On the 10th and 11th floors there are two full penthouses.


Horowitz Group is a third-generation real estate firm that specializes in the promotion, design, development and construction of real-estate projects for residency and investment, in Israel’s most exclusive locations.

The company’s portfolio of outstanding projects includes unique boutique buildings, as well as luxury apartment towers. Considered one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Israeli market today, Horowitz Group is comprised of a highly-skilled, experienced and reliable team, who accompany the client every step of the way. A strong sense of entrepreneurial vision, combined with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in both design and execution, is reflected in each and every one of the company’s unique projects, characterized by attractive prices and uncompromising high standards.

Why us?


Horowitz Group is a dynamic company, competitive and well-known for its reliability. The Group’s director is Mrs. Chani Horowitz, who over the last few years has established over 1,000 housing units in Israel’s most sought-after locations. The company works with the best experts in myriad fields, from banking and law through planning and implementation.

Quality and Profitability

Horowitz Group’s projects are profitable and of the highest quality, characterized by the company’s attention to the smallest of details. Maintaining high standards from initial construction to the finishing touches is an integral value of the group.

Groundbreaking Innovation

A key advantage of Horowitz Group is that it is constantly in full swing, creating new projects in collaboration with leading architects, banks, construction companies and investors from all over the world.

Record of Success

Horowitz Group was founded and is managed by Chani Horowitz, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate and a rich record of success in the development, marketing and management of real estate projects, with thousands of units across the country.

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