Horowitz Group is a third-generation real estate firm that specializes in the promotion, design, development and construction of real-estate projects for residency and investment, in Israel’s most exclusive locations.

The company’s portfolio of outstanding projects includes unique boutique buildings, as well as luxury apartment towers. Considered one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Israeli market today, Horowitz Group is comprised of a highly-skilled, experienced and reliable team, who accompany the client every step of the way. A strong sense of entrepreneurial vision, combined with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in both design and execution, is reflected in each and every one of the company’s unique projects, characterized by attractive prices and uncompromising high standards.


Horowitz Group is a dynamic company, competitive and well-known for its reliability. The Group’s director is Mrs. Chani Horowitz, who over the last few years has established over 1,000 housing units in Israel’s most sought-after locations. The company works with the best experts in myriad fields, from banking and law through planning and implementation.

Groundbreaking Innovation

A key advantage of Horowitz Group is that it is constantly in full swing, creating new projects in collaboration with leading architects, banks, construction companies and investors from all over the world.

Going All the Way

As one of the leading and most reputable groups in the Israeli real estate market, Horowitz Group has implemented advanced management methods in all areas of activity: locating attractive sites for construction, negotiating with landowners and financial institutions, communicating with designers and suppliers, and escorting each project in a stable and secure track until its completion.

Quality and Profitability

Horowitz Group’s projects are profitable and of the highest quality, characterized by the company’s attention to the smallest of details. Maintaining high standards from initial construction to the finishing touches is an integral value of the group.

Record of Success

Horowitz Group was founded and is managed by Chani Horowitz, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate and a rich record of success in the development, marketing and management of real estate projects, with thousands of units across the country.