Horowitz Group prides itself on a clean and transparent business culture, and the company’s Code of Ethics contains the prescribed rules of conduct required from all company employees, in the fulfillment of their duties. All instructions and regulations in this code apply to both managers and employees.


The Group is committed to the highest level of professionalism down to every last detail, and its trained staff ensures the excellence of each project, from the planning and construction stages until delivery to the customer. The company is assisted by Israel’s top professionals in the fields of legal counsel, design, engineering and finance.

Customer Service

Our customers are our most important asset. We give close, personal support to every customer from initial purchase through to receiving the keys to their property.

Customer Profit

Horowitz Group makes every effort to offer its customers attractive prices and projects that provide investors with the highest returns in the industry.

Groundbreaking Innovation

The company places special emphasis on breaking new ground, by the application of innovative and creative managerial and engineering methods. The company is on the cutting edge in its fields of activity, including construction, service, marketing and design. Each project stands alone, with unique characteristics that distinguish and differentiate it, maximizing both property value and purchaser profit.

Respecting the provisions of the Jewish religion and the prohibition against working on the Sabbath and holidays.

According to Article 7 of the Work and Rest Hours Law, employees are entitled to the weekly Sabbath day of rest. Managers and employees are obliged to respect the Sabbath and Israeli holidays, and these days are defined by the company as holiday and vacation days.